Come Nourish Your Soul

Each Sunday at noon, the hour of recommitment, we worship God in a small community that is feminist, inclusive, loving, and joyful. We have returned from exile, we are liberated from bondage, we are forgiven. Together we seek to share the love of Christ that reconciles all God's creatures; every day we show up in our communities as God's hands and feet, as the only Jesus some people will ever meet, the only Bible some people will ever read.

In worship we listen to each other's joys and concerns, talk about our spiritual lives and struggles, pray together, sing our praise, and refuel our souls.

We offer holy communion to all who seek the body of Christ on the first Sunday of each month during the worship service. Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey, join us! Come, eat! Supper's ready.


Welcome home. We love you! Every Sunday service is followed by our shared meal we call La Mesa. Bring food as you are able.

In worship and in friendship, we find spiritual grounding, connections to community, and new slants on sacred texts; all these will sustain us through the week ahead.