Gathering in El Cerrito

Sunday worship followed by our shared meal, La Mesa

At the heart of our activities is our casual and interactive Sunday worship service with preaching, music, prayer, and singing. We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month and all are welcome at our table.

Interfaith Meditation

Each Thursday evening we meet with our friends from Sycamore UCC from 6-6:45p to practice meditation with inspiration from many spiritual traditions. Experienced meditators will find this practice energizing and deep and beginners are encouraged and welcome. 

Live Music at El Cerrito Natural Grocery

Join us for free live jazz by Amy Ukena and Hans Raag each 1st and 3rd Sunday evening, 6-8:30p. 

Social Action Team

We are excited about our church’s philanthropic giving, and its positive and meaningful interactions with the wider community around us. Within our East Bay community we have immigrant neighbors from all over the world. As we learn about and from our neighbors -- their joys and sorrows, their stories, their gifts to our communities – we become better listeners and givers and receivers of hospitality. We usually meet on the first Sunday of the month during La Mesa to discuss our giving and outreach.